Inside Stories

These films show how we have supported families and friends to help loved ones leave the far-right and rebuild their lives together. Their stories have been adapted and told by actors to protect the identity of the people we work with. If you would like to share your story with us, please get in contact with our team.


Gavin was alarmed to find his son posting fascist videos online. But when he challenged him about it, his son wouldn’t listen. With expert guidance from Exit Family Support, Gavin tried a different approach. Slowly, he helped his son turn away from extremism, enrol at college and get his future back.


Emma never had any trouble with her two kids when they were growing up until her son Pete became interested in the far-right. This film tells the story of her ordeal from finding out about Pete’s involvement, through to making contact with us and how we were able to help her get her son back.


Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s going on inside a loved one’s head. This film follows Karl’s journey with the far-right. It looks at the hurt it caused him, and those around him, and how with support from friends, family and Exit UK he was able to leave and rebuild his life.

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