Know the DANGERS

Without support your loved one could be manipulated into an act that puts their lives or the lives of others at risk.

Far-right groups are powerful and manipulative. Young people can be vulnerable to their messages as they struggle to find their identity.

If your loved one has been drawn in by extremists, the fact is that they are at risk.

The extreme right wing includes radical and violent nationalist and supremacist groups. They can have links to Satanist and neo-Nazi cults. 

Some of these groups are banned by the UK government, which means that even being a member is a crime. 

Their involvement could land them in prison, threatening their safety and limiting their prospect of living a normal life in the future, including getting a job.

These groups brainwash young people and can push them to perform acts of violence. 

Your loved one's exposure to these ideas and acts risks grave physical and psychological harm.

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